Wednesday 17 August 2011

Space day 4 - lifecycle of stars (basic)

we were back on space today - we used the life cycle of a star cards from counting coconuts
We started with a quick recap on how stars form (and rebuilt our original model)
We discussed how once the star has used all the hydrogen in its core the outer layers of hydrogen start to burn - this releases light and heat which inflate the outer layers making the star thousands of times bigger (which means our star model would be big enough to fill the room) we call this a red giant.

Once all the hydrogen around the core is used, the core contracts to form a white dwarf and the outer layers break away from the star creating a stellar nebula.
the white dwarf slowly cools turning red, then brown and finally black.

While the older girls were writing their narations and working with the 3 part cards - DD2 and DD4 amused themselves with some stamps (sun, moon and star),
star punch and played with their sensory tub (box of marbles filled with astronauts, stars and space rockets)


Crisc said...

Awesome activities =)

Leptir (NataĊĦa) said...

Thanks for sharing! You always have great ideas :-)

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