Wednesday, 24 August 2011


This week is an interesting one for us as we have family over to stay - generally this means spending loads of time with them and less on our lessons. I don't feel too bad about it because the UK schools don't start until 4th Sept so 'taking it easy' for a week doesn't put us behind - or at least that's what I keep telling myself ;)

However limited my computer time is this week there was something I wanted to share. DD8 turned 9 on Monday and this year the girls made a pact to create each others birthday pressies - historically the older girls have made a few things for the younger ones but this year they decided they are all old enough to do it, here's what they made

DD6 made a paper mache pot, DD4 made a lavender filled pillow and the picture while DD2 mixed the dough for DD8's favourite biscuits :)

On a side note - I was wondering if I should change the girls names (as originally I used their ages to identify them) or if it would be too confusing when reading back posts if DD8 turned into DD9??
Any thoughts welcome.

See you next week xx


Montessori Print Shop said...

Hmmm...I could see getting a wee bit confused if I were to go and read past posts. Perhaps some new names to start this new journey
(new 'school' year) would help us to keep on track.

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