Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Phonics and Reading

DD4 has finished her pre-reading work and we have progressed onto the real deal.
Her pre-reading work consisted of playing the sound box game (you can read about it here) for all the letters combined with various letter activities from confessions of a homeschooler and 1+1+1=1.

I use a combination of a phonics system and the Montessori pink, blue and green reading. I chose Jolly Phonics as it uses signs/actions to encourage where they forget.
Not sure if you can see the action on the bottom of the left page but I still use them if DD6 forgets a sound when we are reading.
DD4 started her first Jolly Phonics book this week and worked on the letters s, a and t learning the sounds/names and reviewing the correct formation.

Today I used some wooden alphabet letters to revise what we have covered - she started  by matching the lower and upper case and once done made a rubbing of them.
next we used the wooden letters for a 3 period lesson (this is a ..., show me a ..., where is the...) and finally I asked if she wanted to know a secret - once I had her attention I whispered in her ear that she could read these letters and she watched with rapt attention as I moved them into the formation s a t and asked her to sound them out - it was so cute to see her working and sounding it out slowly until she got the word and the joy on her face when she realised she could read : )
She then decided to rub the word and drew a picture of her sitting at her desk.

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