Thursday, 9 June 2011

DEWA Roman Experience

We went to Chester with our local Home Ed group to visit the Dewa Museum.
The day started with a tour and training session from our own Roman Centurion - he armed each child and talked through life in the army, rules and trained them.
He even demonstrated how to chop of a head?!?
Following this we went for lunch in the amphitheater and then had our museum tour including looking at some excavations.
Finally they played in the hands on room - building a keystone arch

trying on armour

sorting archaeological discoveries
learning about the toilets (including the old sponge on a stick)
building a hypocaust (underfloor heating), playing games and using a catapult.


Stephanie said...

Sooooooo COOL! I wish we had something like that here! Such great learning! I mean do you ever forget a roman toilet or building a arch? :) Too great!

noreen said...

Wow Zelda, what a fabulous fun idea for your children! They had to have loved it! To experience a time from long ago is a big eye opener for children who are raised during the 21st century with all the amenities.

cheerymishmash said...

Nice to see you there - head safely back on now ;o)

Lynda said...

What a great field trip and learning experience! Thank you for sharing your adventure, and linking up at NOBH.

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