Thursday, 2 June 2011

Odd and Even

DD4 had a great little presentation today for odd and even numbers.
She started with putting the numbers in the correct order from 1 -10 and then placed the correct number of marbles under each (in two columns like yesterday - COE only 55 marbles)

Then I used a marker to separate each set of marbles into two and asked her if each side of the marker had the same number of marbles or a different number of marbles - when she said different I told her this was called an odd number (and gently moved the tile above the line). We repeated the process for number two and when she said the same I told her it was an even number (and moved it below the line). I labeled both new lines odd and even.
she repeated the process for all the numbers and moved the number to the correct line.

We followed with a three period lesson and a couple of fun games just to make sure she had it mastered. In the first game she had to take a random number from the pile and place it under the correct heading.
For the second game she had to turn over a number and then pick the correct card (odd or even) and hold them both up.
Just a tip for anyone wanting to do this a home - marbles roll so try counters instead  - I only had 50 counters :(
(bad planning on my part)


Anonymous said...

Looks like something that was very fun while educational too!! I love your lessons!! Kayla (The Arrowood Zoo)Ohh and BTW - I have an award for you check out my blog tomorrow, it will be posted!!

melismama said...

What a fun game! Thanks for the tip on the marbles 8)

Thanks for linking up to the NOBH!


Sarah said...

Good idea! I like it!

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