Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Spanish for You- TOS Review

We were given the chance to review Spanish for Youit was designed by Debbie Annett who has years of experience as a Spanish teacher and it shows! this is a user friendly and effective Spanish curriculum.

We chose Estaciones which is based on the topic of seasons, it consists of  27 weeks worth of lessons.

We received the downloadable version which comes with a pdf of the book, lesson plans, worksheets, flashcard pictures and two MP3 audio files (one is a native Spanish speaker's voice). I did print everything out and bind it before we started so I could see how the different grade levels would work for us.

We used the program on average for three days a week but you could easily do less or more - the lessons averaged at 20-30 mins and included various activities (listening, repeating, worksheets, games, learning songs and command activities)
One of the girls favourite activities was to created their own flashcards for playing games like memory, draw and fish.

I really appreciated how this programme builds oral, written, reading and grammatical knowledge - because it teaches Spanish in a theme the girls are actually learning to converse in Spanish rather than just leaning boring lists of words : )

I also like how you use the book for all ages and just choose the lesson plans/ worksheets that would be appropriate for each individual child's level - It's perfect because we can study together but still work at individual levels so no-one gets bored.

We have used a number of Spanish programmes and this is one of my favourites so far : )
It is designed for grades 3-8 but my younger two were happy to join in with the speaking (and games!)

You can purchase the full package for $64.95 which contains the materials for all grade levels (3-8) or you can opt to buy grade specific packages for $39.95 for each individual grade level.

Why don't you try some of their free lessons here to see how it would work for you, it's also worth checking out their free worksheets page and the games/activities page.

You can see what my crew mates thought over at the TOS Blog

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