Friday 28 September 2012

Water Cycle Activities

Well we are officially all moved in now (I even have internet connection again - YAY!)
I still have shelves to put up in the school room and boxes to unpack. Even though we have enjoyed the break, the kids are eager to get back to work now (but we have taken it easier than normal this week to try and ease them back into a routine).

We have been enjoying lots of rain this week : ( on the news they reported 150 flood warnings in England. The girls decided they wanted to look at why we have so much rain in England.

So we started by looking at the water cycle, we watched a great video on Brainpop then made a water cycle poster each. 

we learnt a great water cycle song from The Techy Teacher (to the tune of she'll be coming round the mountain) which the girls made a poster for.

We looked at each stage of the water cycle in more detail - we used hot water evaporating onto a pan lid to show evaporation,

made a 'cloud in a bottle' to show condensation, made rain in a bag (sealed plastic bag with wet mud in the bottom, tape to a window and wait for the rain to form), 

'rain in a cup/shaving foam clouds' ,
rain in a jar (hot water in the bottom of a jar and ice on a plate over the top of the jar - the difference in temperature cause the stean from the hot water to condense),

and 'cotton wool cloud's' to show precipitation.

We discussed how as an island we are surrounded by water so are much more likely to get rain. We also looked at the position of our house (bottom of a major hill range) which explains why we get more rain than most. (the air rising over the hills cools and condenses)

Hopefully next week we'll spend some time looking at how clouds are formed and different cloud types.

Thursday 27 September 2012

Ice age cave trip

We went on a trip to Cresswell Crags on Monday with our local Home Ed group to look at some cave paintings/carvings.

Our guide also showed some great examples of stone age tools they had discovered at the site including flints, spears, axe heads etc.

We also did an ice age survival course with them - building shelters and learning how to start a fire.

Friday 7 September 2012

You know Home Ed is working when .....

...your charming children are no longer disgusted by road kill but instead want to take it home to dissect and explore its guts : )
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