Sunday, 21 August 2016

Water Filters, Skittles and starting our Geodesic Dome

Rose has tons of random experiments she wants to do so we said as its summer she can do as many as she likes - hence why this week we had to build her water filter, then improve it so it would actually clean muddy water, start a geodesic dome (you may see more of that next week if she can get it to work) and play with the rainbow.

Her first water filter was large pebbles, small gravel, sponge and filter paper - it only filtered some of the mud out so she set off to find out how to make it better.

Trial and error (best way to learn) ended up with the first layer being the pebbles and gravel, the second layer was sand, third was sponge again but she used a lot more and the final layer was 4 layers of filter paper - it was much slower to filter but the water was sparkling :)

They also played rainbows with skittles in water.

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