Tuesday, 30 August 2016

Bones, our improved geodesic dome and playing with electricity

Our randomness continues with bone explorations this week - looking at skeletons, structure of bones and 'melting' (aka bending) a bone in vinegar.

We restarted our done using drinking straws working on inter spacing pentagons and triangles which is working beautifully apart from running out of straws (over 100 used so far).

We also had a played with electricity - we read a random fact about salt and had to try it for ourselves. Apparently salt only conducts electricity when it is dissolved (in its solid form the lattice structure won't conduct) so we tried it with daddy's salt deodorant stick (needs must) and scrapped some off to dissolve in water (don't tell on us).

This led to some further experiments with the conductivity of water and discovering that distilled/pure water doesn't conduct electricity (it only conducts if it contain minerals or salts) but the girls decided that if there is water on the floor you still need to keep away from electricity as it's unlikely to be pure so you still won't be safe :)

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