Wednesday, 22 June 2016

LearnBop for Families - TOS Review

We were given the chance to receive an online program designed to help strengthen math skills, LearnBop For Families from LearnBop is specifically designed for use at home and covers grades 3-12, they gave me a 12 month family subscription for review purposes.


LearnBop is designed to be a complete math curriculum offering personalised math support which identifies any knowledge gaps and helps your student to learn and more importantly master the concepts. There are over 11,000 lessons which include topics like Statistics, Geometry, Algebra, Pre-algebra, Trigonometry, Math Problems, Fractions, Decimals and more.

You start by picking an avatar for each student and a grade level (either grade level 3-8 or Algebra 1, Algebra 2, or Geometry) then they do an assessment to check where they are so an individualised Road Map can be created. You can alter their Road Map in the parents section if you feel they need something different.

Each lesson starts with instructional videos to show the concepts they will be learning (and extra, optional videos if needed). They are then presented with the 'Bops' which are the problems they need to solve - these can be multiple choice, fill in the blank etc. Once they achieve mastery in a subject by scoring a set % they can pass to the next subject, however if they answer any of the questions incorrectly they explain step by step how to work out the correct answer. Students are motivated by earning achievement badges

Each of the girls had a dashboard that showed what they are working on, number of videos watched, Bops answered, time spent on the program, percentage completed and any achievements awarded.


The parent account shows all of the same information but for all students on the account so its easy to quickly check how your kids are doing in the program and to see if you need to make any changes. Being able to oversee means they girls could be fairly autonomous in their work - the only time I needed to step in was when there was a glitch in the system - there were 3 instances where the right answer was entered but the program read it as the wrong answer, but as with any new product they are working through and correcting these - they even have a option to report the error so they can act on it quickly.

I really liked the video lessons and felt they were thorough and well explained, I also liked the explanations for incorrect answers and that they showed each individual step in detail for solving them. I found the program fairly easy to use and was impressed by the ability to customise this program - I could switch the areas the girls worked on and they didn't have to work through it sequentially. 


Lilly got frustrated that some of her correct answers were marked incorrectly but I believe they are working on the kinks (you can send a report if there are any issues with the questions). Otherwise the girls seemed to enjoy the lessons and both Tulip and Rose loved the awards.

Single student rates are $14.95 per month, or a family rate (up to 4 students) at $19.95 a month, there are also options to pay yearly at $149.95 for a single student and $199.95 for up to 4 students (saving you two months of fees)

You can see what my crewmates thought over at the TOS Blog



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