Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Forbrain Bone Conduction Headset - TOS Review

If you've been following us, you will probably have noticed that some of my girls have a couple of learning issues - this is why I was so excited when the opportunity to review Forbrain - Sound For Life Ltd and their Forbrain Headset came up (I was even more excited to be chosen).


Forbrain is a bone conduction headset that uses your own voice to help with learning, language, and memory. The headset is positioned to rest on the bone in front of the ears, this delivers the vibrations from your voice much faster than air conduction and creates a stronger auditory feedback loop with your brain. Forbrain recommend using the headset for at least six weeks for between 10-20 minuets a day (depending on age and need) whilst talking aloud, reading aloud, having a conversation or singing.


Our Forbrain headset arrived in a protective case and was supplied with a USB charger, extra microphone covers and instruction manuals. (it is advised that you charge for 3 hours before the first use which will provide you with a battery life of 6 hours)

Forbrain can be used in many ways and is particularly useful for;
  • concentration difficulties
  • memory improvement
  • improving focus
  • reading difficulties
  • confidence building
  • exam and presentation performance
  • improved motivation
  • singing and rhythm work
  • brain stimulation 
  • improve attention
  • improve speech and pronunciation
  • auditory processing disorder
  • ADD and ADHD
Tulip was intended to be the main user for this as she has has dyslexia and concentration issues which we hoped would improve using Forbrain (although the others decided it looked like too much fun and demanded asked for turns too). Tulip is an auditory learner so this was a good fit for her. She did complain of a headache the first few times she used it but it quickly stopped happening. She would read aloud whilst wearing it and was often spotted having conversations or playing top trumps with it on.

Sunflower and Lilly both used it for read aloud and conversations and even used it to help memorise some scripture verses quicker - they had a friend over who was revising for some exams and she wanted them to test her on her revision cards so they suggested she read the cards aloud with Forbain on.
Rose loved it - she loved hearing herself and wanted the most turns (she loves everything her sisters use). I noticed her pronunciation improved (she often has a slight lisp) and she seems more confident in her reading with it on.


I loved how popular this was with the girls, it almost became like a favourite toy where they would time the others go so they could tell them when it was their turn for it. I did notice an improvement in Tulips concentration and an improvement in her reading skills as well as an unintended improvement in the girls singing - we were learning a new song for hubby's birthday (they learnt their parts whilst wearing it) and no one hit a single wrong note.


Forbrain is available for $359 and you can see what my crewmates thought of it over at the TOS Blog 


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