Sunday, 7 June 2015

Nature studies - Dandelions, Jam and Newts

We had a glorious day of sunshine this week after a few days of rain so we all jumped at the chance to spend the day exploring nature.

Not wanting to a skive (as it was half term last week so we did less work than usual) we decided to do a nature study session. The girls started by learning to identify dandelions, drawing a dandelion  

and rounded up by learning all about the name, uses of and medicinal benefits of the humble dandelion.

After this we harvested some flowers to make dandelion jam

dug up the root to make dandelion coffee, ate some leaves in our lunch salad and explored the sap from the stem (said to be very beneficial for fungal infections).

As always when we explore nature, we stumbled on something else interesting that sparked their imagination.

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Greenwood High School said...

Just loved it. !! . Outdoor activity offers children the opportunity of fresh air and exercise. Both are important to help children keep physically and mentally fit.

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