Monday, 30 December 2013

Learning over the holidays

Christmas is a time for us to slow down and that is reflected in the girls workload over the holidays.

We stop our more structured work and switch to read alouds. We pick history books that cover topics they are interested in,  history stories and science books.
These are some of the books we are reading at the moment 

We don't ditch math work over the holidays - we just change how we do it. I love living maths and we have a number of favourite books

we also love math games so area war, 

200 down
and dot to dots have all featured heavily over the last couple of weeks.

My favourite math activity over the last couple of weeks has been bedtime math - I got the free app and each day they have a new math question for the girls to solve and as it comes with questions for big kids as well as little kids and wee ones, they all get a turn to answer : )

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