Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Why I'm thankful for Homeschooling

With Thanksgiving fast approaching it gave me pause to stop and think about what I'm grateful for in my life and right near the top of that list is homeschooling.

So here is a list of what I am thankful for in our homeschool

  • That I live in a country with the freedom to home educate my children and my prayers go out to those who live where there is no choice.
  • That my husband supports my decision (even on the tough days where the housework has slid into oblivion 'cause we were stuck doing decimals).
  • The chance to watch my children discover and explore the world around them.
  • To experience their joy of discovery and watch their faces light up when it finally clicks. 
  • That my children get a chance to be kids and are not forced to grow up too fast.
  • That I learn something new every day (even if it's just that the average chocolate bar has 8 insect legs in or that a chickens bottom is called a fluff)
  • For the friendships between my girls - I think if they weren't together every day then they wouldn't be as close as they are.
  • That they have time to explore areas of interest to them (hence why Lilly has spent the last month reading loads of Greek and Roman myths).
  • That they are willing to question (and even correct me when I'm wrong).
  • For the like minded friends they have and the support they give us.
  • The flexibility it gives us to personalise work to their individual learning style, level and needs.
  • For the extra time we get to spend with them.
feel free to share why you love homeschooling too :)

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Marsha said...

I so agree with you! I love homeschooling for a lot of the same reasons you stated. I love the freedom. We get to choose our curriculum, and our schedule. We don't have to adhere to some system that doesn't work for our child. I could go on and on.

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