Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Greek Roman gods - CC1 History Song

We have incorporated Classical Conversations into our lessons this year and so far the girls have really enjoyed it.

Their favourite aspect of the memorisation work has been the songs - they have made up actions to a couple of the songs and wanted to share them.

Zeus - holding a lighting bolt
Hera - hands fan out like a peacock tail (her sacred animal)
Ares - fists fighting (god of war)
Aphrodite - tapping heart (love)
Artemis - shooting a bow and arrow (goddess of the hunt and maidens)
Hermes - winged shoes

They also made up a second verse with actions to the Greek Roman Gods.

Hades - stab to the heart (god of the underworld/death)
Poseidon - wave action (god of the sea)
Helios - big circle (sun god)
Hephaestus - hammering action (god of blacksmith, metalwork and fire)
Athena - opening a book (goddess of wisdom)
Selene - crescent moon shape (goddess of the moon)

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