Friday, 18 October 2013

Cell Studies

We've detoured slightly this week and looked at cells because  the Linnaeus classification system works by looking at the differences on a cellular level.

I wanted to really emphasise the difference between plant and animal cells so following our discussion about cells and cell organelles (the parts of a cell and their jobs - I found a great free printable here) I decided to get them to build models.

They started with the animal cell - here I cut a round shape out of a plastic bag for the cell membrane and got them to make the different organelles.

Next they did the plant cell - I found a clear plastic box for the cell wall and used a plastic bag inside for the cell membrane and again asked them to make the organelles.

This seemed to work well to cement the fact that plant cells have a cell wall. They also remembered the extra organelles that a plant cell has but their favourite had to be the fluffy green chloroplasts : )

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