Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Secret Writing

Sunflower and Lilly are currently reading through the 'Lady Grace Mysteries' series.

Sunflower came up to me last night because she had read something and wanted to know if it is true - in the story Lady Grace is a young Maid-of-Honour to Queen Elizabeth and she keeps a daybook (like a diary), she comments that she wanted to write in seville orange juice so her writing would remain secret - apparently it only shows once heated. 

Cue today science lesson, totally unprepared as I have no seville oranges but couldn't miss a chance like this. 

I juiced a clementine and set the girls to writing

once we had left the juice to dry naturally,
we gently heated it over the fire to reveal the secret message.

After that they had to try various heat methods - candle heat, radiator, hair dryer and stove top (some worked and some didn't). Personally I think it was just a good excuse to do some more drawing in juice : )

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Mommy to the Princesses said...

Love this! Hanks for sharing!

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