Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Project Day

I've had a few people ask me questions about how I expect our new project day to work; how much planning I will do for it, how involved will I be with it, will I encourage them to do projects on specific things etc.

I thought it easiest to post about it and show what they did.

I've always believed the best learning you do is when you 'choose' to learn something and make all the decisions yourself. With this in mind, the idea behind 'project day' is to encourage them to develop their research and planning skills and fuel their passion for leaning.

For example, Sunflower decided to learn about mythlogical creatures. Luckily I had a few books about the subject so my planning consisted of digging out the books, printing off a world map and putting it all in a pile with some paper and pens.

I pretty much left her to it with the instruction that she had to do some reading and writing about her subject. She decided to draw pictures of the animals on the world map and started to write a journal about them.

Lilly choose to write a book so she just needed paper, pens and a quiet space to write.

Tulip was more hands on - I showed her how to draw the shape onto Styrofoam and then cut it out to stick onto a cork. After this she was happy to be left working on her own and trying out different things.

Rose wanted to bake which was fairly hands on for me but also very tasty  (mmmm scones) 

So overall I left them to it, they seemed to really enjoy themselves and are quiet keen to do more. It has worked well so far and my hope is that it will develop their research skills and help them to better plan their time (fingers crossed).

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