Monday, 23 July 2012

Knowledge Quest TimeMaps - TOS Reveiw

TimeMaps are an interactive, flash based, historical map set from Knowledge Quest. With just a click you can stroll through time to see how civilisations grow, countries fall and diseases spread.

TimeMaps is available in 7 individual units covering:

Ancient China
Rise of Rome
Fall of Rome
Black Death
Rise of Islam
European Exploration
Atlantic Slave Trade.

Each unit includes the TimeMaps as well as a set of coordinating Teacher notes, printable maps and activities/assignments.
Each TimeMap identifies the time period in the top right corner and includes numerous encyclopedic entries (identified by the information icon - i) and quizzes to test the retention of the information they have just read.

TimeMaps can be purchased as individual units for $9.95, as a complete downloadable 7 map set for $44.95 or as a CD for $49.95.

TimeMaps are suitable for most ages but readers but would probably find them easiest to use. 

What can I say but WOW!
We loved being able to see the movement on historical maps. Visually watching the dynamic spread of the Black Death was amazing, informative and easy to follow.  TimeMaps really bought our history lessons to life. The girls have really enjoyed using these and have even begged to study them : )

I am very impressed by how informative the information entries were and with how much the children retained. I would defiantly recommend these to anyone who wants to make history more enjoyable.

You can see what my crew mates thought of TimeMaps and Map Trek over at the TOS Blog

Disclaimer: I was provided with a set of maps in order to provide a open and honest review of the product.

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