Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Keyboarding for Christian Schools - TOS Reveiw

I was given the chance to try a new typing programme which I jumped at - Sunflower particularly has trouble with finding things on a keyboard and Rose loves to try but is a two finger typist : )
Keyboarding for the Christian School starts with an introduction to the QWERTY keyboard and offers a number of helpful tips on touch typing techniques and posture, before moving onto the lessons. Each lesson introduces 2 new keys and is fairly brief, taking about 15 mins to complete. The lessons are self-explanatory and don't require much in the way of supervision so this is an easy programme to implement. By lesson 6 they are typing their first sets of words and the sentences that are introduced are Biblical. Toward the end of the lessons they teach centering, lists and have timed exercises (involving three Psalms).

Although this uses a fairly traditional approach to typing, the real gems are the ease of implementation and the scriptural verses they type multiple times - this is a fantastic opportunity to introduce scripture memorisation as well as encouraging virtuous behaviour.

I printed out the ebook and placed it to right of the screen as they recommended because most typing is from written notes. However this is a really versatile programme and you can use it as a double screen (where the booklet is open on screen next to word) if you wish to practise typing from another application.
The girls have seemed to enjoy this as they've whizzed through this programme, often completing multiple lessons a day, and it's given them the confidence to start writing some of their stories on the computer (I even caught them in there typing away on a on Saturday).
The Elementary Version of Keyboarding for the Christian School is aimed at K-5th grade and is available for $12.95 as an ebook, you can also purchase as a traditional book for $45. They have a programme available for 6th grade and above for $15.95. There is the option to purchase both ebooks together for $22 and right now they are offering a 20% discount code (SUMMER2012) which expires 29th August 2012.

You can see what my crew mates thought at the TOS Blog

Disclaimer: I was provided with a free copy of the ebook in order to provide a full and honest review.

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