Monday, 30 April 2012

Botany Week 5 - Photosynthesis with buttons

I didn't have time to post this last week, so apologies and here it is : )

The girls worked on the structure of leaves, identifying different leaf shapes

and photosynthesis.

I showed the process of photosynthesis (using buttons to create the different molecules)
We started  by making Carbon Dioxide and discussing how the plants absorb it,
then discussing how plants absorb water and made the water molecules.
Plants use these raw ingredients combined with the light energy and chlorophyll to create glucose 
at this point I mixed them all up and remade in the form of glucose
with the remaining Oxygen and Water produced during the process released from the leaf

then, realising its a little hard to remember which colour was suppose to be oxygen and which was hydrogen, I labelled the buttons and left the girls to have a go.

While they wrote up their notebook pages, Rose worked on counting - she had to match the correct number or leaves to each flower.


My Boys' Teacher said...

Well, this presentation totally rocks! Pinned it! Can't wait to DO it :)

Unknown said...


Swan said...

This is awesome. Thanks for sharing!

Bamboo said...

That is soooo cool :). Thanks for sharing.

Great photos also. I'm always impressed that people actually upload and post photos with their posts (mine are usually a month later than the post, lol).


Buttons. Brilliant! We are currently doing biochemistry and my son is a total visual kinesthetic learner. Time to get down the old button box!

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