Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Amazing Animals - TOS Review

Amazing Animals by Design written by Debra Haagen is a wonderful story that introduces the idea of Gods intelligent design of animals.

Debra is a homeschooling Mum with young children, she noticed that there were no books available to teach her younger children about intelligent design so came up with this story.

It begins with John and Sarah going to the zoo. During the tour they discover new animals and their tour guides explain how each is unique and designed specifically for a purpose, while the kids get to ask all sorts of interesting questions, resulting in a conversation with their parents after the trip where they discuss how these things don't happen by accident but they are as God intended.


I love that this book gives the children an insight into the intricacies of animal specialisation and the fact that it uses 'grown up' vocabulary - words like strategy, predator and camouflage are explained nicely within the context of the story.

Rose and Tulip have both enjoyed reading this and it's firm becoming a favourite. I'm eager to see what she comes up with next (fingers crossed for a series)

The book is aimed at preschool to 3d grade and is available from Tate Publishing for $8.99 or as an ebook for $7.99.

You can see what the other members of the crew thought at the TOS blog

Disclaimer: I was given a free digital copy for the purpose of providing an honest review.

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Noteable Scraps said...

Thank you for your review! My fingers are crossed for a series, too! :)

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