Thursday, 8 March 2012

Teaching contractions with plasters

We had a fun little lesson with contractions this week.

I started by asking what a contraction was and Lilly remembered it was two words that joined together but couldn't remember much else. I presented a word strip (I am) and proceeded to cut it up 
problem was they couldn't get the I and the M to stay together,
so in came our plaster to 'fix' the problem. I drew an apostrophe on the plaster and explained the apostrophe stuck the words together in place of the missing letters.

this resulted in much play (and a shortage of plasters) 

Lilly and Sunflower both did a worksheet (free from Teachers pay Teachers
(I love the little comment sentences underneath - my favourite was 'you're lovely Mum', closely followed by 'we'd tidy our room for pocket money').
While Rose and Tulip worked with me on some contraction strips (pinterest).

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