Thursday, 9 February 2012

Tot & Pre K Fun

I've been meaning to do primary colour mixing with Rose for a while but couldn't face the mess the paint would make so I opted for an idea I'd spotted on pinterest for mess free finger painting
paint goes in a ziploc plastic bag which it tapped to the table (or board)

and they go exploring :)

Tulip has been working on her teen numbers again
and working to find the quickest way to melt ice.

The highlight of the week was purchasing a 99p bucket (for the garden) and Rose deciding it belonged to her.

1 comment:

montessorimama said...

Love the color mixing idea ... and your pinterest boards :-) It is so inspiring to read about your work with your littles, how blessed they are.
Thanks for another project-to-do!
Have a great weekend!

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