Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Elementary Overview

Lilly and Sunflower have explored the workings of a wheel and axle using our simple machines set and an umbrella - the umbrella is the wheel and the handle is the axle, neither can turn without the other and its a great way to explore how turning the wheel or turning the axle differ.

They finished their lines work by making a reference poster using matchsticks,
and making valentines gifts (I keep insisting this cupcake should be for me ).
 Used their animal research time to discover the species of snail living in our pond.
They have also used the snow as an excuse to run numerous ice experiments including - how to melt ice fastest, does coloured ice spread it colour, what supports the biggest icicle and how thick does pond ice get.

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Anonymous said...

I disagree! that yummy cupcake should be mine :-p lol!

I like the ice ideas. I think I will do the colored ice exsperiment while its still cold outside. Thanks for sharing :)

Keri- A mom who is enjoying the homeschool elementary
stage, of her homeschool journey!

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