Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Science Fair

We went to our Home ed groups Science fair today - The girls had opted to do a presentation on the digestive system (mostly because Sunflower wanted to make vomit again)
They worked all week on knitting the intestines to the correct lengths and writing up their facts, then spent most of yesterday putting the presentation board together.
They used contact paper for the bottom half of the body (sticky side up) with the idea that kids could pull the intestines off and compare lengths. (7m and 1.5m)
Then Sunflower had a 'vomit station' where she taught the others to make vomit bags to take home (which made her quiet popular with the children, but not with the mums)

other presentations included as series of experiments for sound,
paper chromatography,
principles of flight
a great demonstration for hot water being lighter than cold water (the red water is hot and the green is cold) when the red is on top the colours stay separate but when the green is on top they mix creating a mucky brown.
and air pressure experiments - including sucking an egg into a bottle
(my battery had gone flat by this time but it was amazing to watch)

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The Adventurer said...

the vomit is pretty gross;) When we went over the digestive tract with my son he told everyone the way it work for months usually at the most in appropriate times like loudly in restaurants.

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