Thursday, 10 March 2016

Grapevine Studies Resurrection - TOS Review

he girls had so much fun reviewing the last Grapevine Studies we did - it that I jumped at the chance to do another. Easter is fast approaching so I picked Resurrection: Multi Level to help with our Bible Study over Easter.

Grapevine Studies have created a unique, multi sensory way (hear - draw - review) for your family to study scriptures, by drawing stick figures as the lesson is presented to them and then answering questions about what they have learnt, the scriptures become more engaging and really memorable. Its a great way to improve their understanding of the Bible.

I received two digital downloads.
The Resurrection multi level teacher book (age 7+, they do have another version suitable for 3+)

This is an 87 page pdf which contains the goals, methodology and lesson narratives, which really simplifies planning as its all outlined for you (all you have to do is print and provide coloured pencils/pens and have a Bible to hand). It also contains the completed (drawn) lessons

There are nine lessons and the final review, each lesson consists of reading a scripture verse, stick figuring (drawing) and the discussion questions to review. They suggest a weekly memory verse and timeline review so each lesson plan will cover 4 days, there are also maps and vocabulary to look up in the Bible Dictionary.

The Resurrection multi level Student book

This is a 57 page pdf which contains the blank printable outlines for the timelines and student pages. the lessons are broken down into timeline, The Last Supper, Gethsemane, The Religious Trials, The Civil Trials, The Crucifixion, The Death and Burial of Jesus, The Resurrection, The Witness and the Final Review. There is also a map at the back of the book. There is a traceable version available as well.

I love how flexible this product is - you can use exactly as outlined without any hassle and little prep or you can tweak to suit how your family works. The girls decided they wanted timeline cards again so we printed a spare copy of the timeline and cut it up to make timeline cards which we used in our weekly and final reviews.

I loved that it covered so many topics - bible study, history, geography, dictionary usage, spelling, art etc. and that it fit in so well with our Charlotte Mason Bible Study.
I was pleased by how many details my girls retained, at the end of each lesson is a 'Lesson Review' which includes questions about the lesson. I love that it works across multiple ages (mine are 7 - 13 years).

The girls really, really enjoyed this (again) - they loved the drawing and the timeline. This is such an easy to use and engaging program.  I have been very impressed with Grapevine Studies, so well done for creating such an amazing way to engage kids in the scriptures

They are currently running a special offer where the Teacher book is $14 and the Student book is $9.20

You can see what my crew mates thought of this and some of the other Grapevine products over at the TOS Blog


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write my essay said...

These methods of asking and answering can be hardly overestimated! By repeating the information they have read children will learn and memorize the things better!

annette @ A net in time said...

i love the flexibility of it as well. :) Makes for a nice, easy to use product doesn't it?

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