Monday, 5 October 2015

Review pockets

I've been loving the weekly review elements from our classical conversations work but bemoaning the topics it doesn't cover, this lead me to put together my not so little pet project.

I found some tiny pocket folders in Rymans that were just the right size for index cards then sat down and wrote a number of index cards.

I decided on spelling (or blends for Rose), Latin vocabulary, Spanish vocabulary, math, English kings and queens (because the cards were sat gathering dust on my shelf) and science - I know CC does do science review but I wanted to add extra to refresh topics we covered last year.

The idea is they spend a 10 min slot each day answering the questions on the cards, they can either do this with me or a sibling but if needed they can do it on their own as the answers are on the back of the cards.

It has taken a while to write the cards out but it seems to be worth it as its working well.

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