Sunday, 27 September 2015

Speedy chemical reactions

In science this week we were looking at how chemical reactions are affected by heat.

To prove our point we started with two identical glow sticks, we placed one in a cup of hot water and one in a cup of cold water - within a few minuets we could easily see that the hot glowstick was much brighter.

We allowed them both to adjust to room temperature then popped one in the freezer for just over an hour. Which again showed that the cold stick was less bright because the reaction was slowing down.

We then decided to see if heating the vinegar would make a difference to our soda and washing up liquid explosions - lots of messy fun.

Going to bed the girls decided to put the glowsticks in a glass of cold water on their shelf, when I asked why Rose responded 'cause it will last longer'. Glad to see the lesson stuck :)

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