Sunday, 9 August 2015

Summer Education

I don't know about you but we try to keep some form of education going over the summer - not as formal or structured as normal but we do look for opportunities to learn. 

Art and drawing skills seem to be worked on more.

It's always the perfect time for history projects that we always meant to do but never got around to,

or just to do an unusual geometry lesson

while maths becomes a group effort.

How do you keep the learning spirit alive over summer?

1 comment:

Belzi said...

We still do maths every day, we'll never get through the curriculum if we don't carry on. And we do a still do a literature based unit study. Other than that, there's lots of playing out, a bit of gardening and more time at home.
I found if we stop entirely, they get miserable and start ittying each other and it's much, much harder to get back into things after a long break.

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