Sunday, 5 July 2015

More secret truths about homeschooling - Socialisation

I previously posted some truths that no one tells you about homeschool and I thought it was time I addressed the most important one.

Socialisation is a major problem - the girls have had chicken pox this week and we've been forced to stay at home much to their despair - this means we've missed 6 home ed activities that we were supposed to attend (a charcoal art workshop, youth group, a fundraising high tea party, ninjas, free running and a sewing class) combine that with the home ed camp we attended last week (woodland survival walk, 

mosaic making,


making nettle cordage, 

lap booking, games workshop, paper making, big science (Rose is being an oxygen atom), 

stomp rockets, camp fire cooking, baby games etc) 

so I'm really glad my girls are ill otherwise we wouldn't have had any time over the last two weeks to actually learn ; )

So yes - socialisation is a real problem, if you are not careful you'll have too much socialisation and not enough education 

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