Thursday, 30 October 2014

Clued In Kids - TOS Review

We love games so when the chance came to review the treasure hunts from Clued In Kids I had some very excited girls. I browsed the ones on offer and finally chose Multiplication Dragons and the Winter Treasure Hunt.

These treasure hunts are so simple to use and bags of fun!
Each hunt contains twelve clues/puzzles to solve, each clue solved reveals the location of the next hidden clue until they reach the final treasure of your choosing. 

Setting up was simple, as I chose the download versions all I needed to do was select a 'treasure', print, cut and hide. There are two clues to a page so once printed you cut the paper in half and hide the clues (each clue tells you where hide it - this could be in the cutlery drawer, freezer, on the washing machine, under a table or with the shoes). There is an answer key (just in case anyone can't find one of the clues) so I didn't cut this page up but rather folded it in half to create a pocket and placed the first clue inside - I kept this with me so I could hand the clue to the kids so they could start (and have the answer key handy). 
It took the girls roughly 30 mins to complete a hunt.

Multiplication Dragons is a set of five treasure hunts, each one is for a specific times table from 2 through 6. Each week as we learnt/reviewed a table, we would use the treasure hunt on a Friday as a fun alternative to drilling - interestingly they became quiet motivational, the girls would be eager to practise during the week so they could have their hunt on Friday.
These are aimed at 7 plus but Rose (my 5yo) used them and she was fine as long as one of her older sisters helped with reading and spelling.

The Winter Treasure Hunt is, as its name suggests, one of their seasonal hunts.
Although not winter yet, I thought this would be a great way for us to get in the festive spirit and get ready for winter. To solve these clues they need to use addition, multiplication, code breaking, telling time and riddle solving skills.
Even though this is recommended for age 4 plus, both Sunflower (10yo) and Tulip (8yo) loved it. 

I loved that I could 'assign' a clue to a specific child (using the name space) so that smaller siblings could get a chance to answer too. It was also great to be able to chose my own treasure - we did use a special snack but also opted for small notebooks, Lego figures, sparkly pens,a movie night and a trip to the museum. By far the best aspect of these treasure hunts was the learning that happens along the way - they encourage logical thinking, riddle solving, spelling and math skills. 

Multiplication Dragons is available for $19.99 and the Winter Treasure Hunt for $5.99. They do have a number of other hunts on offer, most are printable but a couple are physical sets that can be delivered (great for slumber parties, birthdays, presents or even a special Christmas gift).

The girls had great fun with these treasure hunts and they provided a fantastic way to learn.

You can see what my crew mates thought of these and other Clued In Kids treasure hunts over at the TOS Blog

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