Tuesday, 30 September 2014

The Timeline Scroll

It's one of those thing that you are told every homeschool family should have, so you try to be good and create one running up the side of your staircase until you realise it will take over the whole house!

After many years (and many different timelines) I finally came up with one that fits easily into our home and life but still gives us tons of space to write all our history facts on (the full length of our timeline is just over 5 meters, so plenty of space for those all important facts).

Welcome the timeline scroll
(this looks like a roll of wallpaper because it is!)

We started by attaching a stick to the edge of the paper roll with duct tape (to make rolling and unrolling our scroll more fun) then rolling out the wallpaper and drawing a line through the middle - marking off each 50 years with alternating dark and light lines and adding the dates.

Then when we study a specific time we open just the section we need to write down our facts, add photos etc.

When we are not using our timeline, it neatly rolls up and hides in the corner behind the bookcase.  We use this on a daily basis and the girls just collect it and roll out what they need.

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