Sunday, 27 July 2014

Chocolate Day

We went to an activity day last month that was amazing - all about chocolate 
: )

We looked at cocoa beans - their nutritional content, how they taste and what they are used for.

we then shelled them and made a traditional Aztec hot chocolate drink,

The kids made chocolate plums and bananas,

did a taste survey to see if milk, dark or white chocolate was their favourite and compiled the results in a bar graph.

They learnt all about the cocoa harvest and which is the right colour pod to harvest (not brown like we all thought),

looked at where it's grown, how it is harvested, discussed fair trade and had to place pods on the giant world map for places where it is grown.

They finished off with a chocolate fountain as a treat.


Phyllis said...

Oh, what fun!! I will add this to my list of things to do.

Phyllis said...

Where did you get the cocoa beans?

Zelda said...

I got the Raw Cacao Beans from a local health food shop but they are available online from various retailers (including Amazon)just make sure you buy the beans (they come in a 'shell' that is easy to break off by crushing under the blade of a knife) Nibs are also on offer but they come already shelled and come in small pieces so don't look like a bean.

Hope you have fun with them.

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