Monday, 31 March 2014

March round up

I've really felt 'mad as a march hare' this month.

We visited our local museum for our field trip as we wanted to have a look at the weaving history of Yorkshire 

prior to our loom making craft day.

The girls have been to rock climbing,

archery and little ninjas.

Rose has worked on blob mapping the world and naming the continents

and her pink words.

As well as helping Dh dig the foundations for our new extension.

Lilly, Sunflower and Tulip have been working hard on their Rock unit which I'll try and write up for next week.

We've also managed to rehouse a couple of our chickens, build some new veg beds, experienced a not so pleasant stomach bug and attended three birthday parties. The girls sewing lessons are coming on in leaps and bounds - they are currently working on gardening aprons and needle purses which should be finished in the next week or so (keep your eyes peeled).

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