Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Planning and Organisation

Historically I've planned a month in advance and while this has been great for playing to the girls strengths and planning around their interests it has left me exhausted - constantly planning has left me drained and lacking in enthusiasm for homeschooling : (

I decided for sanity (and because I desperately needed a break) that we would actually take some time off this summer, when I say time off I don't mean we did nothing, more that only the basics (Math and English) were covered while the rest was free time for them and organising time for me.

Over the last month I've managed to finish unpacking the school room and plan activities, lessons and experiments for the next six months - this does mean that I have spent ages printing, laminating and collecting supplies but it also means that I have enough to cover the next six months then hopefully take a break and plan for the second half of our year : )

In case you are curious as to what we will be working on:
  • History - ancient world
  • Science - Revisit botany and zoology, cell structure, weather types and cloud formation,volcanoes and earthquakes, tectonic plates, rock and minerals, chemistry and biology.
  • Geography - world map work, Middle East and Africa
  • Art - forms, famous artists, perspective and drawing
  • Music - musical theory, singing, piano and recorder
  • Math & geometry
  • English
  • Latin

It's also had the added benefit of watching the girls plan some lessons/activities for themselves. While I was unpacking and organising they discovered a model ship I purchased ages ago and never got round to using. They decided to build the ship and discovered it was the Mayflower which lead to researching and touring it online, studying the early pilgrims, learning the parts of a boat/rigging etc. 

Tulip learnt to crochet

We hatched two lots of chicks so they researched what the eggs look like inside on each day, parts of a chicken, parts of an egg and life cycles.

Harvested our fruit trees, veg patch and learnt about the nutritional benefits of fresh vs. dried fruit.

I love child directed learning : )

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