Tuesday 16 July 2013

Critical Thinking Skills - Number Noughts and Crosses

One of the girls favourite 'free time' games at the moment is number noughts and crosses. 

The normal grid is replaced by a grid containing random numbers

the game is played as normal - the player who gets three in a row scores an extra two points. At the end of the end of the game you add up the points under your counters and the winner is the one with the highest number.
(so in the example below Lilly got 2 for winning +7+3+0 giving her a total of 12 while Sunflower got 9+6+4 giving her a total of 19 so she won)

Lilly was distraught the first time she played as she got three in a row and thought she had won but Sunflower had won by scoring more points.

This added element really changes how the game is played - I've noticed the girls avoid the low scoring middle square in the hopes of scoring more points elsewhere : )

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Deceptively Educational said...

I'm TOTALLY playing this with my son. He's going to LOVE it. I like the strategy, math, and critical thinking it sneaks in. I'd love it if you'd share this at the After School Linky Party up on my blog right now (and every Monday): deceptivelyeducational.blogspot.com. I hope you'll make our link-up a regular stop during your weekly blog surfing!

Deceptively Educational said...

I'm SO glad you linked up; I'm featuring this tomorrow. Stop by my blog to check it out and share more of your great ideas!

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