Thursday, 23 May 2013

Unexpected Learning

Our week started off nice and normal, the older two were mastering the order of operations 

whilst the younger girls were working on letters, reading and spelling. That all changed yesterday when the snake we were babysitting decided to shed it's skin,
this obviously resulted in a break from the norm and masses of research on why snakes shed their skin, what other animals do and even what to do with old snakeskin (thanks to Nanny for telling the girls they could make soap from it - YUCK).

They also spent ages exploring the skin - they were amazed at the different scale shapes

 and eye holes.

Then this morning our chicks hatched : ) 

We only have pullets so when one got broody I managed to buy some hatching eggs and popped them under her - the others decided to join in (talk about peer pressure) and today all six hatched.(yes, all three hens fought over sitting on the same six eggs, often ending up sitting on each other)

when we went to feed them this morning there were two chicks but the other eggs were all cracked and the rest joined us by 4pm.

They are really cute and the girls are super excited so of course we spent the whole day researching the breed we got (lavender pekins), learning how to care for baby chicks
(although we are mostly relying on the broody hens for that), how they develop etc.

So loads of unexpected learning this week but that's the joy of Homeschooling : )

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