Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Living History Trip - Tudor style

We were really lucky a few weeks ago and were able to attend a living history workshop in Fountains Abbey.

The kids worked with actors to produce ‘Lady Caroline’s Cargo’. They used Fountains Hall 

and the Mill to investigate the lives of the mistress of the hall, the miller, a seafaring adventurer and the steward as well as discovering the differences between the lives of rich and poor people in Tudor times and the effects of Tudor exploration.

Sunflower got to be a waiting gentlewoman (a companion - a bit like a lady in waiting)  and spent time with the mistress of the hall.

They learnt about the costumes and manners of the time,

money system, dances, servants duties, food, herbs, water wheels, milling,

privateers, mazes, formal gardens, symmetry, music

and foods discovered by the Elizabethans.

The girls loved it and I can't wait for next years production.


SarahElisabeth said...

Looks really exciting-we love learning about the Tudors. I hadn't realised that you are in the UK.

Beth Starr said...

What a great way to learn history!!

Sharon said...

What a fabulous history lesson.

Wendy R said...

Hands-on, living history is the best, funnest way to learn history. This looks FUN!

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