Thursday, 14 March 2013

Polar Activity Day

We went to an amazing Home Ed activity this week.

The day started with a presentation from an Atmospheric Scientist - he talked about what he does, the experiments he is involved with (he even let them use one of his sensors that detects particles in the air), a run down on the atmosphere, clouds (including a making clouds activity), his research trips and wonderful stories about his experiences in sub zero climates, frostbite and a polar bear.

The kids all clamoured to try on his Arctic weather gear : )

In the afternoon we had various hands on activities including a penguin drawing table,

penguin lapbooking,

being educated on ice fishing and how to make an emergency fish rod,

poster making,

a demonstration on the differences between the Arctic/Antarctic,

and an insulation experiment. 

There was also a great activity about packing for cold weather where they had to select suitable clothes from a rail and fill a suitcase.

1 comment:

Nicole Walter said...

Wow, looks like a lot of fun! We have been studying Antarctica lately, sure would be great if we has something like that around here for the kids! Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

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