Friday, 9 November 2012

Questions, questions!

We seem to have done less work this week as its been dominated by questions.

Every day, just before we are supposed to start lessons, one of the girls has come up with a question that sparks the imagination of the others and we get side tracked searching for the answers. It's a good job I'm happy being in a child led environment (otherwise I may feel some pain that all my planning has gone to waste and we are falling behind - or from another viewpoint I don't have to do any planning this weekend)

Some of my favourite questions this week have been:

  • Is there a scientific name for animal fur? we discovered thee types of fur (guard hairs, tactile hairs and insulating hairs) but not a specific name for all fur.
  • Which continent gets the new year first? apparently its the Australian continent.
  • Why is the sunset red? if you have ever done the 'sky is blue' experiment with milk and a torch you get a wonderful answer to this.
  • Why are nocturnal animals nocturnal? there were loads of answers to this including due to heat, hunting other nocturnal animals and safety from day time predators.
  • Why don't trees move? they soon realised (thanks to 'Life of Plants') that trees do move just not like we do.
Much as I welcome these questions I do hope they take a back seat next week and we get more done.

What have been your favourite questions?

1 comment:

Marnie said...

I love this post! I have to remember to write down some questions I get. Often I don't have the answer!!

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