Friday, 8 June 2012

School Room Upgrade - handmade

As promised here is our new and improved schoolroom.

Working round the room - on the front of the door I keep our current scripture for memorisation, periodic table poster and any other posters relevant to our current theme.
I store all the remaining posters on the back of the door, using some bull dog clips and two stick on hooks, along with the calender.
I've used the dead space behind the door for some floating bookshelves (free plans from Ana White) that still need painting : (
The creative/nature table is still by the entrance and I've placed the beanbag to the side for reading (or hopefully for me to crash on while they all work)
I've moved the blackboard off the wall and put it on the fireplace so it's easier for them to reach,
I built a new set of  'theme' shelves (again from Ana White) and used an old map for the backing. It displays some activities and books for free exploration. (also provides a high and safe storage space for some of the more fragile science equipment like our microscope)
Tulip and Rose have requested their old desk back and Rose's workboxes sit underneath (all the others requested workbox folder files instead)
The window ledge offers some great storage for me and an 'in tray' for all finished work.

The Montessori shelves are next to them - along with our continent boxes, work mats and some paper storage (the plastic box is a science box containing various odds and ends they might need - elastic bands, filter paper, litmus paper, goggles etc.)

Lilly and Sunflower's new desk, with the floating bookshelves holding all their reference materials and the computer. (both desk and shelf plans are from Ana White).
Tulip decided to assist in making this desk.

The girls are very happy with the new set up and I think it makes our small room look alot bigger.
All it needs now is a new coat of paint - looks like I'll be having a fun weekend.


MommyKuehner said...

Very nice!!!

Me said...


I can't figure out another way to conact you, so I'm going to ask you a question I've wanted to ask you for a long time- how do you plan out what you want to cover. I saw your planning sheets, but how do you know what to fill them with? Are you following a curriculum or making it up? If you make it up, how do you do it? I love all the stuff you do but am not that organized with my own kids. I'm starting to plan for next year and would love to know how you do it!

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