Thursday, 24 May 2012

Heritage History TOS Review

When the chance to review Heritage History came up I was really excited.
Why - because Heritage History have collected over 500 out of print history stories and reproduced them : )

I chose the British Middle ages CD to review - the CD contains 55 books covering medieval and early modern Europe and includes comprehensive histories, legends, biographies, historical fiction and adapted literature. Topics range from barbarian invasions, feudalism, medieval battles to church-state conflicts.
It is also jam packed full of additional resources including time-lines, maps, images, battles, era summaries and other study aids.

This is a fantastic product - you can search by reading level or genre and I really liked the overviews and images. 

Lilly and Sunflower both love to read so this is ideal for them - I downloaded the books onto kindle and left them to it. I also set it up on the PC in the school room and it gathered quiet a bit of attention there as well.

This is the first time we've used living history books (we've previously used both living math and science) and it's been a great hit in our house, history is now a leisure activity rather than a lesson.

Each CD is available for $24.99  (contains both pdf and e-Reader versions, so books can be printed, viewed on your computer or loaded to e-readers) and they have other titles on offer including; Ancient Greece, Ancient Rome, British Empire and Young Readers 

Heritage History also have a collection of Classical Libraries CDs available for $19.99 each, covering Early America, Spanish Empire, Christian Europe and Modern Europe.

You can see what my crew mates thought at the TOS Blog.

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